Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wine Wednesday: 7 Tips for Curing the Wine Flu

Raise your glass to another Wine Wednesday!  Today I am providing you with an aromas chart for wine, awesome wine products of the week, quotes about wine, and 7 tips to cure the wine flu!

 Wine Products of the Week:
1. These glasses are perfect for those guests that always have one glass too-many because these glasses are SHATTER PROOF but still look classy!  

2. The Woozie will forever be one of my favorite wine accessories.  Check out these awesome prints! Pair a couple Woozies with a bottle of wine and you have the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, shower, or housewarming party :)

3. I just bought this and I CANNOT wait to get my friends together to play this! This is a great way to save money (instead of buying bottles of wine at restaurants or bars), spend time with friends, and try new wine!!


1. WATER: Drink plenty of water the day you drink and the day of your hangover.  The reason you get a hangover is because your body is dehydrated.  So to help lessen the intensity of your hangover stay hydrated before, during, and after.
2. EAT UP: Seriously, eat some food an hour before your first drink.  But a salad alone is not going to do the trick, try to add some bread or pasta in the mix.  Eating before you drink helps absorb the alcohol and when you have some food in your system it will prevent you from drinking too much. And if you get the drunk-munchies after a few glasses of wine, avoid fast-food or greasy food and make yourself a few eggs.  The lycopene in the eggs helps digest the alcohol, which will hopefully lessen your headache the morning after.
3. DRUG-FREE: Be careful when drinking wine (or any alcohol) while taking prescription drugs (or recreational drugs, for that fact) because you will not only damage your liver and kidneys but you may drink more than you anticipated.  Some medications make us thirsty and if we have bottles of delicious wine around us we may have another glass of wine when we really should have had a glass of water to quench our thirst. There are a million other complications that can arise from mixing medications and alcohol, so please be careful.
4. MILK: Before you indulge in a succulent glass of wine drink a glass of milk first.  The milk will help coat your stomach and abosorb some of the wine. If you are lactose intolerant, like me, a glass of soy milk works just as well.
5. ASPIRIN & VITAMINS: Before you head to the wine bar pop a Multi-B Vitamin, it may sound weird but I swear it WORKS.  It works because B vitamins help speed up your metabolism, which helps digest the wine faster.  Wake up the next morning with a throbbing head?  Take another Multi-B Vitamin and an aspirin or two.
6. AVOID SALT: Keep salt at a minimum the night of and the morning after because it will dehydrate you and dehydration leads to a painful morning after.
7. NO MIXING: Yes, some people can have a few glasses of wine and a whiskey on-the-rocks and feel fine the next morning, but that is not the case for the majority of us. If you start drinking wine, stick to it. If you start drinking whiskey, stick to it.

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