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Short on cash? No problem! It happens to everyone at some point in their life.  Whether you need extra money so you can add to your wardrobe or because you can't eat another bowl of Ramen noodles here is a proven and legitimate way to supplement your income immediately.

SwagBucks:This is my absolute FAVORITE way to earn extra money because it is super easy and doesn't take a lifetime to reach the prizes you have your eye on.

Here's how it works, you get reward points (called swag bucks) for doing stuff you already do online such as web searches, shopping, playing games, watching videos, and soooo much more! 

Then you can redeem your swag bucks for awesome prizes or giftcards to places you will actually go to including Applebees, Logans, Macy's, Gap, Banana Republic, The Limited, Walmart, and the list goes on! I am an avid SwagBucks user and can vouch for their credibility. Click on my referral link and get started now!  

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Etsy: If you haven't already heard about Etsy it is like a huge art fair!  This site allows you to sell your handmade items online!

Blogging: I am new to blogging so I haven't made a single dime but there is money in blogging if you post relevant content and drive traffic to your site. I am currently in my first month of blogging and apparently it takes about 3 months until you start seeing a return. Once you start driving traffic to your blog you can start becoming an affiliate.  An affiliate is where you post advertisements on your blog and the company compensates you.  I just signed up to be an affiliate with LinkShare. This site is really awesome because it is a meeting point for thousands of businesses that want to display their ads on your blog.  You just have to apply individually with the companies that you are interested in.  I will post more tips for successful money-making in blogging when I am more experienced ;)
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