Wednesday, January 2, 2013

15 Tips for Earning MORE Swagbucks

If you read about Swagbucks from Increase Your Income then you know how much I love this money-making site!  Here are the BEST tips and tricks for earning as many swag bucks as you can!

For those of you that are not familiar with Swagbucks it is a site that rewards you for the stuff you already do online.  The rewards are called 'swag bucks' and can be redeemed for awesome prizes and giftcards.  This site is legit and worth a few minutes of your time each day.  If you ever have any questions about how Swagbucks works or anything at all, let me know!

  1. Install the Toolbar:  The toolbar contains tools to help you earn swag bucks fast and easy.  The tools include a 'Check for Swag Code' button, quick access to your Swagbucks profile, how many bucks you currently have, and most importantly a 'search' bar.
  2. Use the Swagbucks Search Engine:  Every time you search using the Swagbucks search engine you have a chance at winning 1 to 1000 swag bucks!  This is the easiest way to earn bucks.  Remember, you won't win every time you search because it is completely random!
  3. Daily Poll:  Participate in the Daily Poll and earn 1SB.  It only takes 2 seconds to complete.
  4. NOSO:  No Obligation Special Offer.  All you need to do is click-thru about 5 different ads, you do NOT need to submit any information to any of them.  I always click 'skip' at the bottom of the ad.  Completing the NOSO is worth 2SB and only takes a few seconds of your time.
  5. Watch Videos:  Watch videos on the site, fill your meter, and earn SB while catching up on celebs, new recipes, the news, etc.
  6. Play Games:  When you play games on the Swagbucks site you will be randomly rewarded after each game.  This is a great way to have fun and earn some money.
  7. Buy Daily Deals:  When you purchase a Daily Deal from your favorite deal-a-day site you will be rewarded for EVERY purchase.
  8. Shop Online:  Get rewarded swag bucks per every dollar spent when you shop online at qualified stores (there are hundreds of qualified stores).
  9. Take Surveys:  Earn swag bucks for expressing your opinion when you successfully complete one of Swagbucks 'trusted surveys'.
  10. Limited Time Offers:  After completing a limited time offer you will be rewarded accordingly.  Some of the offers you have to pay for but you can find hundreds that are FREE!
  11. Trade In:  You can earn swag bucks when you trade in your books, movies, video games, and electronics
  12. Invite Your Friends:  When you invite your friends you are able to receive up to 1000SB of your referral's search engine rewards.  Whatever your referral earns in swag bucks from their searches you will earn matching swag bucks up to 1000SB.
  13. Swag Codes:  Every day you can find a swag code (varies in amount) from Swagbucks Twitter, FaceBook, blog, or homepage.  If you install the toolbar you can 'Check for Swag Code' and it tells you where you can locate the updated swag code.
  14. Perform Tasks:  If you get to work Swagbucks will reward you generously!  There are always lists of tasks that need to be performed so you will never run out of opportunities.
  15. Promote:  Put a Swagbucks banner on your blog or website for an additional chance to gain referrals.  

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