Saturday, March 2, 2013

7 Reasons to Choose a Freelance Career

Have you ever heard that old saying "do what you love & the money will follow"? I totally believe it. If you're genuinely happy with your career you will be successf in more ways than one. I have recently started a career as a freelance marketing consultant. I thought that after I graduated (December 2012) that I had to go straight to Forbes 500 companies because that was what I was being told for the past 4 years. But after not seeing an opportunity for myself I made an opportunity. I began the first steps in owning my own marketing consulting company; I couldn't be happier about my decision. If you're thinking about going towards a freelance career here are my reasons as to why you SHOULD!
1) Make Your Own Hours: Whether you're a morning person or night person it doesn't matter because you can work when you want to, as long as the job gets done.
2) Work in Comfort: Not everyone, especially creative individuals, can work in a 3-piece suit. When you work from home you can work in your yoga pants and baggy sweat shirt!
3) Determine Your Wages: Wheb you work freelance jobs you can choose how much you make. This puts an end to getting minimum wage when you received a 4-year degree.
4) Make Your Own Schedule: I get to work out at the gym when I want or go get groceries when I want because I works freelance career. The convenience I get is priceless!
5) Save Money: When you work freelance you save gas money, clothing money,  and money on household expenses. Household expenses? Yes, you can make more meals from home because you are no longer "stuck in traffic" or "working late to meet a deadline." 
6) Ditch the Drama: when you work freelance you don't have to deal with bitchy coworkers. This alone is an amazing reason to choose freelance!
7) Bathroom Breaks: I drink a TON of water every single day, I always have to go to the bathroom. But when working in an office you can't leave hour desk constantly without looking sketchy. When you work from home you can go pee as much as you want!!

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