Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Post!!

Hooray! This is my first official blog post (hold tight)! The purpose for this entire blog is motivate, inspire, and believe in women in their twenties.  Why twenties?  Because when you're in your twenties in this day and age, older generations think you are rude, lazy, and feel that everyone "owes" you something. 

Well, NOT TRUE.  Being in your twenties in this day and age means extreme student loans, an unstable economy that makes getting your dream job nearly impossible, hosting a party with unique appetizers and drinks that nobody has ever heard of, and the beat goes on.  All in all, being in your twenties right now means exceeding everyones expectations and looking fabulous while doing it.

So this blog is going to be filled with the following:
  • Tips on saving and making money
  • Recipes for quick dinners, fancy (but super easy) appetizers, & delicious cocktails that will please them all
  • Suggestions for living a fulfilling and satisfying life every single day
  • Tips for acing your job interview (despite the economy)
  • Fashion, humor, new products, home remedies, DIY projects, & whatever else comes to my mind :)

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