Friday, December 21, 2012

Wine-O? 10 Bottles $10 or LESS!

If you are anything like me you have a special place in your heart for wine.  But a bottle here and a bottle there can really add up, so over the years I have found the most DELICIOUS wines that are all $10 per bottle or less!  And did I mention that these wines taste better than more high-end wines? Crazy, I know. (some of these prices will vary due to location & store)

White Wine Lovers
  • Barefoot Moscato $5.99
  • Sea Ridge Chardonnay $3.99
  • Polka Dot Medium Sweet Riesling $8.99
  • St. Julian's Niagra Grape $5.99
  • Dona Paula Sauvignon Blanc $9.99
Red Wine Lovers
  • St. Julian's Concord Grape $5.99
  • Grand Traverse Cherry $5.99
  • Copper Ridge Merlot $4.99
  • Simply Naked Cabernet Sauvignon $7.99
  • Bolla Chianti $7.99

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