Thursday, January 3, 2013

4 Questions to Ask at Your Next Interview

4 Questions to Ask at Your Next Interview

You know that awkward moment when you’re sitting at a job interview and they ask you if you have any questions for them and you can’t think of anything?  It’s okay, it happens to nearly everyone.  It’s hard to come up with intelligent questions when you are anxious, nervous, and a little overwhelmed with everything.  Here is a list of EXCELLENT questions to ask the next time you hear, “Do you have any questions for me?”  These questions will surely impress your interviewer because they are thought provoking and the answers cannot be found online like the company’s annual revenue or employee turnover.

1.  What do you expect me to accomplish within my first 3 months?
You can tell the employer that you want to make a difference but it won’t mean a thing unless you show it and this question shows that you really want to make a positive impact on the company.
2.  Where do you see me in 5 years at (name of company)?
The employer is always asking this question to the interviewee, so reverse the pressure for a few minutes.  See if this position leads to advancements in ranking or an increase in responsibilities.
3.  What are the common characteristics amongst your top employees?
Find out exactly what it takes to be a top performer and implement these characteristics in your daily tasks.
4.  What activities do employees do when they aren’t working?
This question is important because you want to know if you are going to fit in with the other employees because it will affect your overall happiness.  Happy Employees = Great Employees

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