Thursday, January 3, 2013

20 Reasons to LOVE Being in Your 20s

Being in your 20s can be a difficult age because you are no longer a child and not yet viewed as a “responsible adult."  When you’re in your 20s you are trying to figure out what you love and how you are going to make your dreams become a reality; it can be tough.  But being in your 20s does have its perks and here they are!

1.  Fashion:  When you’re in your 20s you can still shop at low-cost trendy stores like Forever 21 and buy a few splurge items for your wardrobe.  When you’re in your 50s outfits from Forever 21 will NOT look cute anymore and when you’re in your teens you can’t afford higher priced items.

2.  College:  Best four years of your life.  These are the years you really discover who you are, you make (and lose) friends, and party.  Enjoy it while you can.

3.  Mistakes:  You are at the age where you can really understand the repercussions of your actions so when you make a mistake you can learn from it.

4.  Look Great:  You are in your prime!  Your skin is flawless and your body is toned and tight.  Keep up with a healthy lifestyle so you can prolong your hot-bod.

5.  Student Discounts:  Whether you go to the movies, out to eat, or even to the bar you can score a student discount by flashing your student ID.  This is one of the best reasons why you should love being in your 20s.  The next time you will be getting a discount it will be when you’re a senior citizen.

6.  Alcohol:  When you’re in your 20s you are testing your boundaries and pushing your limits.  This is really the only age where it’s ‘okay’ to be seen at happy-hour four times a week.  If you’re 35 and hitting up happy-hour 4 days out of the week you will be classified by others as an alcoholic.  Besides as you get older your hangovers get worse…not cool.

7.  Dessert Please:  Your metabolism is still in high gear, letting you eat almost everything you want without worrying about gaining weight or your cholesterol.   Enjoy eating sweets and chips (in moderation, of course) while you can because when you hit your 40s it will all be going to your thighs.

8.  Hand-Outs:  Because you are transitioning between a child and an adult your parents and close family members are more willing to loan you money or help you out than when you are older.

9.  Friendships:  This is the age that you really make friendships that last a lifetime.  You lose the crappy friends from high-school and gain true friends as you go through college and getting new jobs.

10.  The Little Things:  When you were in high-school you were a stuck-up teenager that probably didn’t appreciate too much.  As you go through your 20s you enjoy hanging out with your parents and family on a Friday night, you love a good cup of coffee, and you adore the shirt your mom picked out for you at the mall.

11.  Opportunities:  The world is literally at your finger tips.  You can literally do anything you want or go anywhere you wish.  You are young enough to have nothing holding you back.  Experience it all and travel and try new things.

12.  High-School is OVER:  Not everyone had a fabulous time in high-school so it’s a good thing they are over for good!  In college there aren’t cliques or the “popular lunch table,” everyone is equal and everyone actually gets along a whole lot better.  If you hated high-school, your 20s will surely be the best years of your life!

13.  Future:  Take the years you have in your 20s and decide what you want out of your future.  Make goals and make a plan on how to achieve them.  You have plenty of time but NOW is the time to at least make an outline of what you want out of life.

14.  Play Time:  You can still LOVE playing board games, video games, or playing on the monkey bars.  As you get older you won’t have as much play time and you will look a little silly swinging from the monkey bars at the playground when you’re in your 40s.  Get out there and have fun!

15.  Jobs:  While in your 20s you can work those super easy and fun part-time jobs like scooping ice cream, driving around the beverage cart at a golf course, or even baby-sitting.

16.  No More Finals:  When you’re in your later years of your 20s you don’t have to pull any more all-nighters studying for finals!  Hooray!!

17.  Tech Savvy:  You know all of the new tech products and how to use them.  Be nice when you’re trying to teach your parents how to text because one day you will be in the same spot they are.

18.  Strong Body:  Your body is young and strong so get out there and jet-ski, go bungee jumping, or rock climbing.  Don’t wait until you have a knee replacement and wish you would have done something daring.

19.  Take a Chance:  Have a great idea?  Then work on making it happen.  Most of the millionaire entrepreneurs out there today all started in their 20s. 

20.  Sleep:  Indulge in a few cat naps here and there.  Once you have a family, naps will be common for the kids but sparse for you.

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