Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Designer Clothes

I live in a state where the winter months get snow and it is always cold and I despise being cold! Since I can't hit up the outdoor tennis courts or lay-out at the beach right now, I have a TON of free time (too much free time)! And lately I have been on a crafty-kick, clothing in particular.  I love designer clothes but since I haven't exactly gotten my "big girl job" yet I don't have the funds to support my habit so I found a GREAT blog with ADORABLE clothing tutorials! And keeping a good-thing to yourself would just be selfish, so I will share my super-awesome find with all of you! If you want easy-to-follow tutorials for making clothes subscribe to her blog If you have any other awesome clothing tutorials to add please comment and let us all know :)

DIY- Anthropologie Inspired Squeezebox Top
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DIY- J.Crew Inspired Spiral Ruffle Shirt
Pinned Image
DIY- Anthropologie Inspired Marjorelle Necklace
DIY- J.Crew Inspired Lace Stripe Tissue Tee
DIY- J.Crew Inspired Sequin Rows Silk Tee
DIY- J.Crew Inspired Sequin Stripe Boatneck Tee
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