Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Show Me the MONEY!

A couple of months ago I was looking for a way to earn a little extra cash in between cramming for exams and studying my life away.  That is when I discovered SwagBucks!  I have earned over $130 in 2 months for minimal effort!  Today I finally made my first purchase at the Swag Store, a $100 Pay Pal gift card (CASH)!  So now I can rest easy and my iPhone will stay connected!!

PayPal - $100

So you can earn some major swag bucks (reward points) by doing the stuff you already do online like shopping, searches, watching t.v., clipping and redeeming coupons, and playing games.  You can also earn swag bucks by completing survyes, polls, and trial offers.  I highly recommend that you make an account NOW! It really does pay off and who doesn't love a little extra cash in their pocket?  Check out my page Increase Your Income for more tips on earning swag bucks quick and easy :) Get started NOW by clicking the banner below!
Search & Win

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