Saturday, December 29, 2012

20 Cheap Date Ideas

Lets face it, going out on dates can be expensive.  So here's a list of cheap date ideas that will ease any financial woes and help the two of you have a great time together (because that's what it's all about)!

  1. Go and get some fresh air and take a nature walk or turn it into a hike if you are both up for a little challenge.
  2. Play or learn a sport together (my favorite is tennis).
  3. Go to a local dive bar for happy hour and play a game of darts or pool together.
  4. Turn your bedroom into a spa by taking turns giving each other massages in the candlelight and enjoying a bottle of cheap champagne.
  5. Game night anyone?  Feed his competitive behavior by challenging him in classic board games like Jenga, Sorry, Checkers, Connect Four, Battle Ship, etc.
  6. Go sledding and then warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.
  7. While you may not have enough money to go on an elaborate jet-setter vacation you could definitely try a mini-road trip and see all of the crazy tourist attractions along the way.
  8. Go on a bike ride together.
  9. Remember how much you loved playing on the monkey bars when you were a kid?  Well, bring him back to your old stomping grounds and play around!
  10. Check around your town and see if there are any bars doing a comedy night or a karaoke night.  Both of you will be laughing until it hurts.
  11. Visit your local farmer's market, pick out fresh fruits and veggies, and prepare a delicious meal together.
  12. Hit up a carnival or fair together! Split a sugary lemonade and play a few classic games.
  13. Watch shooting stars.  Gather some cozy blankets and a few snacks and you have a romantic date that cost you next to nothing.
  14. Check out a local museum or art show and enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards.
  15. Drink for cheap by going on a tour at a winery or brewery.
  16. Score discounts at high-end restaurants by checking out Groupon, Living Social, and
  17. Visit a candy shop or ice cream parlor and satisfy your sweet tooth.
  18. Host a casual dinner party! Invite your friends and his and have everyone bring a dish or drink to pass.
  19. He may hate going shopping at the mall but he may LOVE it if you hit-up garage sales and thrift stores together!
  20. Get involved in community events such as walking in a cure for cancer event.  This is a great way to do something good for others while still spending quality time together.

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