Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Save Money in Your 20s of the worst parts about growing up is learning how to manage your money.  Sometimes you have to make things stretch and miss out on the fun just to make ends meet.  So whether you are a poor college student, just starting your career, or getting ready to start a little family these tips will help you save money and stress less.  If you have any money saving tips, please post them :)

1.  Make a financial goal chart so you can see what you want and/or what you need to do.  As you meet your goals you can cross them off and that in itself is EXTREMELY rewarding.
2.  Implement the 48-hour rule.  This is where you wait at least 48 hours to purchase an expensive or splurge item.  If you are still thinking about that pair of sexy heels or skinny jeans after 48 hours then you can allow yourself to go back and purchase them.  Waiting 48 hours allows you to really decide if you need them or if you were just “in the moment.”
3.  Fix it before you ditch it!  Rather than going out and buying a new pair of black pumps because you wore out the toe look up shoe repair tutorials on Pinterest or YouTube and create a whole new shoe.

1.  Make a meal plan for the week and write down all of the ingredients you will need for every recipe.  Then determine which ingredients you will need.  Write the items that you need down on a grocery list.
2.  Stick to your grocery list.  If you followed the tip above then you will only need the stuff on your grocery list.
3.  Instead of purchasing meat in small portions at higher prices spend a couple of extra dollars for a few more pounds of meat.  When you get home divide the meat up into portions and freeze them for later use.
4.  Coupon. Coupon. Coupon.  I have a great list of Websites under WannabeCoupon Queen for you to check out and help you save money.  Even if you only save a few bucks it really adds up over the year and is worth it.
5.  Hit up dollar or discount stores when you need to buy things like cleaning supplies, paper towel, toilet paper, detergent, and toothpaste.  You can get name brand products or generic brands (that work just as great) at dollar and discount stores at half the price of your regular grocery store.
6.  Use reward and loyalty cards if at all possible.  Some stores send you additional coupons and even gift cards when you reach a certain amount of points on your reward or loyalty card.
7.  If you pay with cash, throw your change in a jar and save it up for a splurge item.

1.  I know it’s hard to say “no” when everyone else is going out to lunch or hitting up happy-hour nearly every single day but you have to do it.  Or at the very least limit your time eating or drinking out.  If you do go-out check-out sites like, Living Social, Groupon, and Yelp for coupons and deals.
2.  Instead of going out have a few friends over for cheap snacks and drinks.  You can get a bottle of wine that has 3-4 servings in it at the same price as 2 drinks at the bar. 
3.  Movie theaters can cost you an arm and a leg these days.  So instead of hanging out at the movies all weekend watch Hulu, Netflix, or Apple TV once instead.

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